Robert Woltanski


I am a 52 year-old disabled artist and I have been paralyzed since June of 1974. A drug related accident left me with limited arm function and nearly normal shoulder functions. I was an art major in high school but didn't take it seriously. Perhaps if I had, my life certainly wouldn't have taken such a bumpy road. My long recovery led me to Inglis House, a long term residence for the physically disabled. I arrived at IH in January of 1980, and have been here ever since.

Robert Woltanski sitting in front of a painting at his easel
Bob Woltanski at his easel

At first, it was frustrating trying to paint with a disability. I kept at it and with the help of numerous tutors at IH, re-connected with my creative muse. Earlier on I painted with a brush held in my teeth. Over time however, my neck muscles started giving out. Currently I'm holding a brush between my fists order to paint. I've exhibited my work at various places near where I live and have a continuing display at IH's own gallery. I've managed to eke out a modest income from my labors while dong mostly portraits of IH staff families and the like.

Multi-colored koi swimming in a circle, viewed from above.
Koi (c) 2008 Robert Woltanski

Purple and blue bottle squirting liquid on white triangular object against green, pink,  and yellow fabric background.
Brand X (c) 2008 Robert Woltanski

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