Steven Parker

QUASIMODO'S EYES* Listen to Audio Version (MP3)

I look through Quasimodo’s eyes
At my Esmeralda
She dances just outside my reach
Like the bell toller’s gypsy.
She expresses the sensual
And the beautiful so eloquently it hurts.
There is a pang in my monster’s heart
For this unobtainable one.
She is a petite Aladdin’s cave of the wondrous
She moves me to the marrow in my bones
She is utterly captivating
Every day that I see her,
I am a newborn child
Innocent of the world
Beguiled by simple things.
She is my childhood given back
My soul refreshed
My eyes looking for the divine.

*Previously published in the anthology Quasimodo's Eyes.

Steven Parker states of his poetry, "There are so many things that are interesting and possible if you just allow yourself to suspend belief a little bit and let yourself say, yes I know logically this isn't possible, but if it were, what would the consequences of this be. Parker is a member of the Inglis House Poetry Workshop. he has one chapbook of poetry, Inner Voyages.