Linda Fuchs


crash 4:01 PM
Harvard Avenue and 30th Street
she lingered for 5 days

her heart to one
so frail and fair
mother of three

each kidney
to a twin
the same in every way

lungs to heal cystic fibrosis
no more coughing or
drowning inside himself

skin now covers
charred chest
and face

she lives on

* * *


door number one or two?
what will it be today?


head swirls like a dreadle
spun by nameless forces
whirling out of control

compelled to spend
to talk
to screw

grandiose extravagance
unlimited creativity
racing thoughts

thrilled with life
and all its possibilities
I know I can do it all


colors fade
to grey
on black

head aches with fear
and despair

as a torture victim
in Guantanamo Bay

my life is defective
I have a tombstone
way of thinking

Linda Fuchswas diagnosed bi-polar several years ago. She writes, "Sadly, I am unable to work any more. The silver lining of this is I have discovered my creative side in working and painting. These pursuits help soothe me and allow my feelings to be shown." Her book The Midnight Ramblings of an Insane Woman was published in 2006.