Miriam Mason

(One for Echolalia)

"You went down the slide!"
    "You went down de slide."
"No, you did."
    "You did."
        A tired sigh...
"I went down the slide!"
    "I went down slide."
"Yes, you did."
    "You did."

Because it's easier.
Because you don't
    Have to explain it.
Because and because.

"You hungry?"
    "You hungry."
Mouth opens
    Ready for food,
So I fill it with

Miriam Mason was raised by a poet; her father was Leonard Nathan. She is herself a writer, poet and activist/advocate in the world of autism. She has spent the last 10 years helping her two boys toward recovery, developing an unschooling philosophy to best suit their needs. Her work has been published at Associated Content, but much remains private. She lives with her husband, children and six therapy animals just outside Portland, OR.