Stuart Sanderson

WANDERING THOUGHTSListen to Audio Version

Cool rain falling
Puddles forming, holding water
Leaves tumbling to their wet graves
Darkness ascends quickly.
Autumn has come
To quiet the surroundings for a while.
As I pull by blinds for my night's slumber,
The rain sings its lullaby to me.

Stuart Sanderson is a resident of Inglis House in Philadelphia and an editor of Wordgathering. He was a winner in the 2001 Triton College Poetry competition. His work has been published in Ariel, Zillah, Quasimodo's Eyes, Poet's Fantasy, Mad Poets Review and the Philadelphia Tribune. His autobiographical essay, "You've Go to Live", which chronicles his life with of cerebral palsy, has been featured in educational material and forums.