Mandy Beattie


You look really well they say
As they stuff my throat with platitudes
Keeping my swollen glands company
Are they blind to my walking aids?
As minimal activity takes its toll
Shoulders stoop as 5'9" becomes 5'4"
Outer weakness pervades inner strength
Corrosive like a dripping faucet
Head lolling like a punch bag
Feels like a million laps around Le Mans
As thoughts jumble for supremacy
How will I unwind this clock work orange
Before getting aboard the overnight sleeper
The vehicle for restoration
Or not, as it happens?

Mandy J. Beattie hails from Wick, Caithness, Scotland. She is studying for a PhD in disability and feminism and as if that isn't enough, also attends an evening class in creative writing. As an 'addendum' she is also 'currently' evolving alongside M.E. & Multiple Allergies.