John Masterson


Steel and leather
Constrain my body
In an Iron Maiden
Strapped so tight
The manufacturer's name is
Embossed on my thigh
Branded as an advertisement
For the pain
Now it's time to
Locks sliding securely into place
Stretching my legs
To standing position
My physical therapist walking
Behind me
Holding me by my
Belt loops
Suddenly pushing me
Teaching me how to fall and
Seriously damaging my chances in
Future relationships
And she looks so nice too


A graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, with a BA in English, John Masterson has C.P. and now lives in Hayward, California. He has published three novels – A Vampire in the Sun (A Scarlet Peccadillo), A Woman Out Of Time, and What Happened To Jane? – all available on Kindle.