Jennifer Barlett


Movement: So that, every gesture must be accounted for. The world all around becomes unique with longing a truck passess a building is red these things define themselves I am not the only one; each person is born with a certain blindness, an incapability to describe the interior. She tells him if there were no categories this looking would be impossible. She tells him, the only category for him is beauty. Story: So that, this is a body that know itself having no alternative reference. Movement 2: So that, motion is not merely something in the abstract. For example, a boy rollerblading down the street on crutches and one leg. Speech: So that, there is a shower from within. Water comes out like a thousand tiny snowflakes of unknowing. Unlike others, my weaknesses are on constant display. The hurry and delay: So that, this going nowhere fast gets to me. And I get to it. The Body as Rewritten So that, the shadow crosses the street. in the Form of a Museum Piece: The shadow walks the beach, its figure moves laboriously blanketed by a series of LED lights: the movement is, at once, distorted and beautiful. After all, aren't we all damaged human forms.

Jennifer Bartlett's first collection of poetry is Derivative of the Moving Image (UNM Press, 2007). In 2005, she was a New York Foundation for the Arts Poetry Fellow. Individual poems have or will appear in The Brooklyn Rail, How2, Coconut and others.