Ron Cervero


Been seeing a shrink for 15 years --
I talk...
I yell...
They nod…
When I walk in the Veterans hospital
I see the remnants of war

No legs, no arms...death beds –

My brain is tells me to blow it off --
I really want too...the physical and emotional pain
is beyond reason-It's torture

I ask God every night to take me out
Can't deal with another day of this --
When I wake up...if I sleep... there is a second of lucidity
then the whole thing comes crashing down --
My depression is clinical, with suicidal ideations --
People don't know what real depression is...
When they tell me to take a walk or pull up my boot straps

I always ask them...

How many times did you taste your .38 this month?

Ron Cervero was born in New Haven, CT. He began writing poetry in the late 80’s while working in the TV & Film industry Los Angeles, CA. The pain and suffering within himself, and his street surroundings caused his pen to move in a dark poetic direction with specks of light, and hope. Ron has been published in DeComp Magazine, Other Voices International, Scream of the Buddha Magazine, Blue House, Poetry Life & Times-London, Strange Road, Poetry Cemetery and more. His first book is called Cranial Speedway.