Sue Clennell

Since the Darkness*

Listen to Audio Version read by Mags Webster.

Since the darkness I have been on the wrong
side,                         the listing side of the ship.

There are always new arrivals
who wait with me to watch the moon suck us in.
Balancing,                                                         balancing.
Scared of the flick knives of cold Januarys.
Scared of the barbed kisses of fished out Mondays.

On shore,                        beefy voices tell us to sing,
commend a new glue for this crew of scraped knees.


*"Since the Darkness" was originally published in Mindfields.


Sue Clennell is an Australian poet whose work has been published in many journals, school text books and anthologies, including Best Australian Poems 2011. She also had a ten minute play performed in Sydney's Short & Sweet Summer Festival 2012. Two poems from Clennell's CD The Van Gogh Cafe may be viewed on youtube by clicking here.