Ann Eustace


Listen to Audio Version read by Melissa Cotter.

I was stalked by a red wolf, teeth bared.
He was no friend of mine–just knew my name.
When we were properly introduced
He even shook my hand with his paw.
And though I quaked with fear
He said he would never leave me.

At the christening I found his name, "Lupus."
Circled by doctors who said they had birthed him.
They stood in white coats with paternal smiles.
But just before the baptismal sprinkling
A serene doctor stepped between us.
He announced this wolf was never mine

"Lupus" had been switched at birth with
A gentler soul who promised me arthritis.
Lots of pain could strike but no fatality.
Some others with wolf companions
Insisted this new doctor was wrong.
But with joy and thanks
I took my new friend and ran.


Ann Eustace has fought depression since the age of 27, but around 15 years ago she was diagnosed bipolar 2. As a result, the treatment of medicine and counseling works much better. She has worked as a reference librarian in public libraries and trained and volunteered as a hospital chaplain, where the patients taught her a lot. Her message to others with her condition is, "If you have repeated highs and lows, ask about Bipolar and Bipolar 2. Someone is waiting to listen."