Dana Hirsch


I actually first got started in designs on computer when I was listening to Christopher Bigalke, one of the instructors in the Inglis House Computer Lab, explaining the Paint program to two other residents. I was sitting at my computer listening. I went over and after he had explained all the different pieces of the program, I got interested. Chris noticed that I was interested, and that is how I got started. When I first began using the mouse – I use a track ball – I started with lines squares and circles. I also used the pencil and paintbrush. I just began scribbling and noticed that what I was doing was turning into a pattern. I found myself putting shapes together. That’s how it started.

I am a writer and a poet, so with the Paint program, I just allowed my thought and mind’s eye to - I guess you could say guide me – to just go. I’ve been working on the art for about three years now. I know one thing, with the computer I am very comfortable within myself because this is another ability that I know I have.

My sister Susan who is also my friend was very encouraging. After seeing my work with designs, we talked about it a lot back and forth on the phone. She came up with the idea that the designs could be put on stationary cards. I agreed. She spoke with some people she knew in Atlanta, Georgia and showed them my designs. They were enthusiastic. That is how it all got started. Each pack contained a variety of new designs. When the Poetry Workshop poets went to the Collingswood Book Festival in 2005, I sold my cards and I was excited and surprised about the response.

Whimsical design partially filled with colors
Design #1

Susan found out my designs could be stretched, transferred to canvas and framed, so that you couldn’t tell them from paintings - which at first I couldn’t believe. I gave her the go-ahead and was astonished at how striking my framed paintings were. My paintings were exhibited here in Philadelphia area at the Bryn Mawr and Ardmore Banks at which two of my paintings sold. I couldn’t believe it. Several people were enthused with them. They are currently exhibited at Inglis House, where Inglis House has an art gallery as part of the Philadelphia Independence Starts Here Festival. I hope to do more exhibiting.

Design composed of triangles in various shades of lavender and blue
Design #2

If you are interested in my designed cards or paintings, please email me at danadoesit@aol.com.

Design with black and gray rectangles on aqua background
Design #5

Design of broken red, orange and blue puzzle pieces on black background
Design #6