Exploring Body Form - Part 2

More Photo Art from Elijah Northen

With the advance in technology in the medical field, one of the more interesting problems concerns the intersection between human being and machine. At their most ordinary these intersections call up such seemingly tame ideas as that of prosthesis. At their more imaginative, they invoke the almost surrealist images of science fiction science cyborgs.

Among the many ideas that photographer Elijah Northen has explored is that of the just where the human body stops and machine begins. In a certain sense, the images that result are themselves a recapitulation or, perhaps, metaphor of the process by which they come into existence. The "natural" image offered to the eye by the camera is transmuted through the artifice of computer technology into a hybrid whole.

Below are several images reflecting some of Northen's more provocative work.

Side view of a man whose face and hand are partially bicycle gears
The Cyclist

Nodding man with electrical sockets in his shoulders and a camera lens for an eye
Status Malfunction

Naked man with a zipper running down his torso and skin that changes into a hood on his head
Genetic Suit

Elijah Northen is an architect living in Baltimore and working for Alexander Design Studio, a firm specializing in sustainable and environmentally friendly architecture. He is currently involved with the Clipper Mill Project, renovating and converting a nineteenth century mill site into contemporary housing. Northen is a frequent contributor and winner in the online Worth1000 photography competition where many of his other works may be seen.