Ann E. Wallace


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I live with a belly full
of scars pulling
the skin like tufted
worn uneven and bumpy,
sinking over
into the empty
where organs once

the smallest nips
are invisible silver
flecks scattered
across my midsection,
revealed under the right
angle of light,
as if I have been
pecked away at from

while the foreboding bikini
line incision has shrunk
from eight fiery inches, to seven
to six over decades and
faded into a benign nothing,
unseen out of sight
but not quite


Ann E. Wallace writes of life with illness, motherhood, and other everyday realities. Her work has recently appeared in The Literary Nest, HerStory, Snapdragon, Rogue Agent, The Same, as well as in Wordgathering. She lives in Jersey City, NJ and is on Twitter @annwlace409.