Michael Mogel


Listen to the audio version read by Sean Mahoney.

The dawns dim darkness becomes flooded
by a ball of sun fire as it pops from the horizon
and invades like an army
creeping from the shore
the glare can cause a car to skid off the road
and a tomato plant to grow

A new chapter begins—a new day
a time to regroup
where timing is not of particular concern
there is no early—there is no late

Skipping a flat stone on a still water lake
creating tiny circles that soon disappear
the stone silently sinks
and I am silent too and sinking
the tiny circles I have created
will disappear with me

A life that touches others
becomes passed on like a game of tag
"you're it"
savor the moment of being it
breath in life and whatever movements
of this symphony can be played

I express myself in the dawn
I express myself in the sun
my tremored Parkie hand reaches
to touch you—you're it
is all I want to say


Michael Mogel started writing poetry in college where he was founder and first editor in chief of The Curry Arts Journal. He has been writing off and on since then. Michael took a retirement from work as a Fire Alarm Inspector due to Parkinsons and now has more time to write and read poetry.