nancy viva davis halifax


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her last breath teeters

coyote delicates at acute angles
limbs slack, skin lax
over bone
weight lightened
as vehicles splinter
fur to pelt

where i live WVC mortality is high

these rural arterials feed
distant registries -
man's hands write at the edge of

marsh where she rendered
with incarnadine throat
leaves language

* * *


Listen to the audio version.

i listen .   i am hear
waiting with clean ears
unscented thoughts [soft snuffle]
like i believe it is possible for us to forge [sighs]
an incalculable something
your vest reads solidarity
i listen for the sibilant of it
practice it in your presence
/s/  /z/  /∫ /  /t∫ /
break it down breath EXPLODES for my tongue
:a a f
happy at distant sounds eerrrrrrrr—offfffff
i read the nature poets to
my voice licking your ears
all of this with no record:
how your mouth chews
the exquisite form of a branch
the breath that wings
your wooly slippers


nancy viva davis halifax is a queer, crip poet and scholar, born on the North shore of New Brunswick on Mi'gma'gi terriory. she lives as a guest on stolen lands. she has published one collection of poetry (2015, McGill Queens University Press, Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series) and is writing her second. she teaches in the Critical Disability Studies graduate program at York University, Toronto, Ontario