A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 2     Issue 4     December 2008



Below is an alphabetical list of all of the poets who have been published in Wordgathering, including the names of their poems and the issue in which they were published indicated by the month (March, June, September, December) and last two digits of the year. These are followed by lists of the book reviews, essays, interviews, photography, and book excerpts that have been published. An asterisk (*) next to a poets name indicates that he or she has been published in one of these others genres in addition to poetry.


  • Millicent Borges Accardi,The Body Music of Thalidomide (M07)
  • Indira Allegra, Withdrawal from Paxil into June (M07); Seasonal Affective Disorder (J08); Anointed (M08)
  • Natalie Altman, I'd Rather Be Bi-Coastal (M08)
  • Peter Austin, In the Glass; The Perfect Child (J07)
  • Trish Ayer*, The Cradle (D07)
  • Glenda Barrett, Family Ties (J07)
  • Jennifer Bartlett, A Field Guide to the Body (S07)
  • Jeanette Beale, Untitled Insomnia; Aftershocks (D08)
  • Cathy Best, Untitled (S08)
  • Sheila Black*, What You Mourn(M07)
  • Richard Boughton, Lost in Thought; Fate; Time (J08); Branch and Vine; The Season (D08)
  • Maria Brady-Smith, Invisible Tiger (J07)
  • Suzanne Bratcher, Gardening in MS (S08)
  • Rebecca Carter, Moribund (J08)
  • Ron Cervero, Psych (S08)
  • C. E. Chaffin, Too Many Voices; About the Bracelet (S08)
  • Deborah Chenault-Green, No More Tears (J08)
  • Lisa J. Cihlar, A Cherry Tree; You and I Washing the Dog at Midnight (S08); Bone (D08)
  • John Thomas Clark*, Man Overboard; The Wicker Man; Take it Away (D07); Bogman; Out of Touch (M08)
  • Anita Cohen, The Last Time (J08)
  • Bob Coley, Jr., The hard steel rails... (S08)
  • Ned Condini, In the Farmer's Hut (S07)
  • Cheryl Conway, You Look So Good (M08)
  • Linda A. Cronin*, In the Beginning (D07); Dream Bones; Flash Essay on Beauty; Jersey Girl (M08)
  • Barbara Crooker*, Listening to the Mockingbird (M07); The Mother of a Disabled Child Dreams of Respite (D07)
  • Kareen Liez E. Datoy, Feel Marcello (S08)
  • Trace Estes, Shell-Shocked (S08)
  • Anna Evans*, Fruit Flies (M07, S08); Paean to My Flaws (D07); After the Surgery (M08)
  • Rebecca Foust* ,The Visitation; Eighteen (D07); Empathy (D08)
  • Linda Fuchs, The Deer is on the Wrong Side of the Fence (S07)
  • Eric Gadzinski, Matin; Tattoo (M08)
  • Jade Gibson, Speakers (D08)
  • Stephanie Green, Crème Biscuits; Two Warriors and the Lost Words (D08)
  • Kathleen Grieger, Rummaging in the Mind; Checking Me Out (M08)
  • Ona Gritz*, There Among the Havers; Twelve Years Old, Swimming (S07)
  • Therése Halscheid*, Unsoundness of Mind (S07); The Never-Said Surgeon; White Sock (D07)
  • Mary Hamrick, Uncle Desi's Restaraunt Bar (Post War)
  • Michael Hathaway, My New Career (M07)
  • Laura Hershey, Sunflowers (M07)
  • Arden Eli Hill, Reprieve; Conversion/Cure (S08)
  • Todd Austin Hunt, Mural (S08)
  • Karla Huston, Lazarus (S08)
  • Lorraine Inabinett, Reckoning (D07)
  • Kathryn Jacobs, Schooling Raymond; Rinds; Tender Mercies (J08)
  • Donna Jagodzinski, 10:00 AM; Games (J08)
  • Leland Jamieson, Hearthstone in the Watershed (M08)
  • Liesl Jobson, Angels, the Voices (M07)
  • Maggie Jochild, Sago; Piedmont Ave. (J07)
  • Paul Kahn*, In Katharine's Room (M07)
  • Anne Kaier, Mother Love (D08)
  • Marie Kane, Shards (S08)
  • Susan Keith, A Festive Holiday Photo; Chronicle from the Land of Maybes (S07)
  • Donna Kiser, Breakfast of the Changing Mind (D08)
  • Tracy Koretsky*, A Gift of Balloons (M07)
  • Linda Kornasky, Spurning a Deaf Ear; Lucky Live Oaks (J08)
  • Judith Krum, I Wanted to See; They Live (D08)
  • Petra Kuppers*, The Origin of My Wheelchair (J07)
  • Ellen LaFleche*, Angel with Parkinson's Disease (M07); Saving Cinderella's Foot (D07); Audrey's Wig Emporium (D08)
  • Laurie Clements Lambeth*, Reluctant Pegaus; Undressing the Tree (D08)
  • Aurora Lewis, Life Scars; I Dream of Feet (M08); Puzzle Pieces (D08)
  • Diane Scott Lewis, Limbs and Other Pings (J08)
  • Antoinette Libro, Performance (D07)
  • Kirk Lumpkin, Who Dances in Daylight? (M08)
  • Lisa M. Maloney, Alternative Reasoning (S08)
  • John C. Mannone, Leaving Shadows; A Sweet Kind of Blindness (D08)
  • Nikki Lee Manos, Milk Cartons, A Good Day (J07); Inheriting (M08)
  • H. E. Mantel, Synchrondipity? (D07)
  • Neil Marcus*, Why We Love (S07); Metaphor for Cripple (D08)
  • Louise Mathewson, A Day; Retreat; Lost (S07)
  • Marianne Meese, Ars Poetica (S08)
  • Michael Meyerhofer, The Man With One Ear Gets a Haircut (S08)
  • Kobus Moolman*, Overlooking the Block (M07); Cattle Truck; Aut da fé; Winter Fires (S07); The Hand (D07)
  • Shannon Murray, Upright (J08)
  • Tendai Mwanaka*, Stolen From Death (D07); What Are You Waiting For? (S08)
  • Wendy Natkong, From EMS to MS (J08)
  • Ed Northen, Wounded Warriors Skiing (S07)
  • Ken Nye, Singing in the Shower (J07)
  • Christine Parker, You Will Never Know (J08)
  • Kathy Pierce, The Ground We Stand On (S08)
  • Margaret Price, Collective Memory; Stick (M08); Fleshly School; Fist (J08)
  • Sienna Elizabeth Raimonde, 80 and Alive (J08); This Cane; A Bruised Reed (D08)
  • Sharon Rickman, Traveling in a Wheelchair (J08)
  • Kim Roberts, Siamese Twins
  • Gary Ronnie, Stasis; Pastoral (J08)
  • Tanya Roycraft, hate (J08)
  • Stuart Sanderson*, A Mixed Blessing (S07); If My Hands could (D07)
  • David Scaffidi, In Italy MS is the Name of a Cigarette; Marching Order (J07)
  • Nancy Scott*, Feather (S08);Winter Solstice (D07); Comfort's Concern; Fugue (J08)
  • George Shean, Twilight (S07)
  • Kaia Sherritt, The Withdrawal (S07)
  • Alma Singleton, Waiting for a Hero (J08)
  • Marilyn Brandt Smith*, Texas School For the Blind, 1955 (J08)
  • Karen Stromberg, Book, Lamp, Tree; Helping the ADHD Child at Home (S07)
  • Omosun Sylvester*, A Moment of Silence (D07)
  • Abbie Johnson Taylor*, Timber! (J08)
  • Nicole Taylor, They Were Singing Oya; Jigsaw (M08)
  • Elaine Terranova, Polio (J07)
  • Mary Tisera, Pieces (D07); Matthew; Pacified; My Mother's Voice (D08)
  • Onyinyechukwu Udegbe, It's a Lie (J07)
  • Martin Willits, Jr. , Becoming Disabled; Siamese Twins (J08)
  • Megan Webster*, Full Moon; I Want to Jump (J07)
  • Patricia Wellingham-Jones*, Big Help; Good Night's Sleep (J07); Walk of the One-Breasted Women; Suspicion; The Body Knows (M08)
  • Gary Winters, Wheelchair Blues (D08)

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Book Reviews

  • Sheila Black, How to be a Maquiladora (M07); House of Bone (S07)
  • Rebecca Foust - Dark Card ( S08)
  • Ona Gritz - Left Standing (S07)
  • Cynthia Leweicki-Wilson and Brenda Brueggemann - Disability and the Teaching of Writing (07)
  • Linda Cronin - Dream Bones (D07)
  • Therese Halsheid - Last Movements ( D07)
  • Basanta Kar - The Unfold Pinnacle (S08)
  • Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus - Cripple Poetics: A Love Story (J08)
  • Ellen LaFleche - Estella with One Lung (S08)
  • Laurie Clements Lambeth - Veil and Burn (S08)
  • Tom Lombardo (ed) - Aftershocks (D08)
  • David and Daniel Simpson - Audio Chapbook (M08)
  • Marilyn Brandt Smith (ed) - Behind Our Eyes (J08)
  • Megan Webster - BiPolar Express (D07)
  • Patricia Wellingham-Jones, End Cycle (J07)
  • Kathi Wolfe - Helen Keller Takes the Stage (J08)

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  • Joyce Campbell, The Poetic Path (S08)
  • John Thomas Clark Othering (D07)
  • Jim Ferris, Crip Poetry, or How I Learned to Love the Limp ( J07)
  • Tara Arlene Innmon Squashed Baby Pigs ( J08)
  • Petra Kuppers, Crip Sheet for 'Latin Does Not Have a Word for Symmetry' (S07);
  • Kathi Wolfe: Rome Ashes 1946 (J08)
  • Ellen LaFleche, Happily Ever After (D07)
  • Sally Martin My Life with the Wolf- J08
  • Michael Northen, Amaryllis and the Philly Festival (S07); A Brief History of Disability Poetry (M08); Disability Poetry in 2008 ( D08)
  • Carmen Papalia Caning in the City (J07)
  • Stuart Sanderson- A Meditation on Computers (S08)
  • Dan Simpson, Line Breaks the Way I See Them ( M07)
  • Osomun Sylvester On Poetry (D07)
  • Sharon Wachsler, Disability Culture (D08)
  • Ellen Williams, Masquerade (D08)
  • Kathi Wolfe, Helen keller: Obsession and Muse (J07); Finding My Muse: On Being a Crip, Queer Poet (M08)

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  • Trish Ayers - playwrite and poet (M08)
  • Barbara Crooker - poet (j08)
  • Anna Evans - poet and editor of The Barefoot Muse (J08)
  • Noria Jablonski - short story writer (M08)
  • Paul Kahn - poet and playwrite (S07)
  • Tracy Koretsky - novelist (M07)
  • Petra Kuppers - scholar and poet (J07)
  • Kobus Moolman - poet and playwrite ( D07)
  • Nancy Scott - poet (S08)
  • Gail Wilmott- editor of kaleidoscope (D08)

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Photography and Visual Arts

  • Yvette Green, Our Film Project (S07)
  • Dana Hirsch, Computer Art ( D07)
  • Heather Kirk, The Exposed Series: Flowers on Black (M07); Bent Palm Seeries (J08)
  • Ilene Myers, Experiences in Digital Photography (D08)
  • Elijah Northen, Exploring Body Form (J07); Exploring Body Form - Part 2 (D08)

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Book Excerpts

  • Trish Ayers, LUMPS [play]- M08
  • Paul Kahn, The Making of Free Verses [play] - D07
  • Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus , Cripple Poetics: A Love Story [poetics]- J08
  • Tracy Koretsky, Ropeless [novel]- J07
  • Noria Jablonski, Human Oddities [short stories]- M08
  • John Pixley, Jury By Trial [play]- D07
  • Gary Presley, Seven Wheelchairs [autobiography]- (D08)

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  • Abbie Johnson Taylor, The Flower Boy- S08
  • Tendai Mwanaka, Breaking the Silence- S08
  • Ellen Williams, The Hat (J08); Sally and Maggie (S08), Waiting Room Blues (D08)

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