A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 3     Issue 3     September 2009

Essays and Prose Writing in This Issue

This issue of Wordgatherings offers our journals largest, and possibly most diverse selection of prose writing yet. Two of the selections are in epistolary form and come from the Deaf community. Raymond Luczak's fictitioius letter to Sean Penn addresses issues of inclusion in the film industry while Curtis Robbins ads to the conversation about Disability poetry that appeared in the June 2009 issue of Wordgathering. Another first for the journal is the inclusion of two blog entries, both on disability travel. Maya Northen's blog focuses on transportation and general accessibility for travelers with disabilities, while Scott Rains hones in on opportunities for "Solo Travel With a Disability." Two of the essays describe recent projects taking place in the performance arts: Stuart Sanderson revisits work being done by Amaryllis Theater. Finally, this issue of the journal offers to personal essays by writers whose work our readers are now familiar with. Playwrite/poet Paul Kahn begins a three part retrospective of the family dynamics that hspaed his work. Ellen Williams reflects on this past year in her lyrical "Summer Goes to Sleep."

Because Wordgathering strives to encourage dialogue about disability, literature and writing we were encouraged by the Curtis Robbins insightful commentary on issues raised in our dialogues. We look forward to hearing the viewpoints of other readers as well.

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