A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 5     Issue 1     March 2011

Interviews and Essays in this Issue

The interviews in this issue of Wordgathering focus on the performing arts. Film maker and producer Chris Ambolino from The Dream Allaince discusses his work in teaching people with disabilities make their own films. Amaryllis Theater's Josette Todaro talks about her theater's role in bringing work written and acted by artists with disabilities to the stage. Both interviews attest to some of the innovations that have been made in the perfoming arts, but also the challenges that lay ahead.

The two essays in this issue treat two extremely different aspects of dealing with pain. Poet Liz Whiteacre discusses a topic pondered by many poets with a disability, how to incorporate personal experiences with pain into poetry in a way that is neither cliche nor self-pitying yet understandable to those who have not had a similar experience. Essayist/poet Ellen Williams gives suggestions for visual imagery that can help to ameliorate stressful or painful situations.

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