A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 6     Issue 4     December 2012

Book Reviews and Book Excerpts in this Issue

The book reviews in issue of Wordgathering try to forefront fiction. In addition to two debut books of poetry, we take a close look at three novels by writers with disabilities. Even within the scope of disability literature, none of these are pedestrian stories. Kristen Ringman's magic-infused tale traces the episodic journeys of a deaf girl between Ireland, India and Italy. In Small Poisons Catherine Emunds blends the worlds of fantasy and soap opera to lampoon virtually all of the story's characters. In her structural tour de force, Gretchen Henderson creates a maze from music, art, and narrative to explore personal history and the re-invention of self after disability. The two books of poetry reviewed are both exploratory first efforts by British writers. The raw material for Daniel Sluman's book is the life style of contemporary London. Joshua Davies, a nineteen-year old writer with Asperger's Syndrome, gives the reader insights into his world.

Two of the writers above are also represented by very brief excerpts of their work. In "Darkness," an excerpt from Makara Kristen Ringman explores the awakening Lesbian impulses of a young teenager. Gretchen Henderson's "Prelude" opens her recent book, Of Marvelous Things Heard, reflections on music, literature and silence.

Wordgathering is continually open to suggestions for new books by writers with disabilities to review. We also invite readers who would like to review books for Wordgathering to contact us. If you have comments about book reviews in this section, please send those to us, too. Comments on books reviewed or suggestions for future book reviews can be sent to comments@wordgathering.com. (other than your own) that you are interested in reviewing, please contact us.

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