A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 7     Issue 2     June 2013

Book Reviews in this Issue

Although Wordgathering has always attempted to include a few reviews in each issue, the reviews below comprise by far the journal's most extensive review of recent disability-related books to date. The fact that there are so many new books to look into demonstates just how vibrant and diverse the field of disability literature is becoming. As always, new collections of poetry head the list. In this issue readers will find new work by veteran poets Stephen Kuusisto, Brian Teare and Kathi Wolfe, as well as a look back at Jill Khoury's impressive first collection of poety. Fiction is also a part of the agenda of this issue with the review of Robert Rudney's debut novel, featuring numerous characters with disabilies, and South African writer Liesl Jobson's arresting first collection of longer short fiction. Memoir is represented by Leslie Swartz, another South African writer, whose book includes a look at the development of disablity rights in his country. Finally, Marilyn Brandt Smith, who is best known for putting together the work of other visually impaired writers, comes up with a collection of her own diverse writings.

Wordgathering is continually open to suggestions for new books by writers with disabilities to review. If you have a book that you would like to have reviewed and that you think fits the needs of our journal, please let us know. We also invite readers who would like to review books for Wordgathering to contact us. Comments on books reviewed or suggestions for future book reviews can be sent to comments@wordgathering.com. Return to Top

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