A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 7     Issue 4     December 2013

Fiction and Book Excerpts in This Issue

This issue of Wordgathering presents two pieces of short fiction and three excerpts from novels. John Bach's short story and Fran Gardner's fable-like tale each feature a character with memory loss and increasing cognitive disabilities.

In contrast,the protagonists of the novel excerpts in the current issue are all young women dealing with the responses of the people in their lives to their mostly invisible disabilities. The three excerpts provide an interesting comparison of first person narratives informed by the authors' own disabilities. Shannon O'Connor's main character deals with bi-polar disorder, while the narrator of Schumer's novel experiences unexpected blackouts. As the title of Terry Tracy's work suggests, her novel focuses on a life with epilepsy.

Fiction from past issues can be located by looking in the Author Index. Wordgathering is eager to receive submissions of quality short fiction. (See Submissions Guidelines.) Authors of disability-related short story collections or novels who would like their books reviewed in Wordgathering should send queries briefly describing their books.

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