A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature
Volume 9     Issue 3     September 2015


Wordgathering began as a journal that primarily featured poetry and in this issue we once again return the spotlight to poets. Our poetry section includes the work seventeen poets and an essay on the Inglis House poetry contests displays the work of another fourteen writers. As always, we offer the poems of both new and returning writers. Those poets in Wordgathering for the first time include Prerna Bakshi, Khairani Barokka, Janet L. Buck, Elena Caban, Kate Holly-Clark, Clara B. Jones, Travis Lau, K-K Loke, David Olsen, J. K. Shawhan, Jeremy Spears and Grant Tarbard. Poets whose work has appeared in the journal before are Jim Ferris, Christopher Jon Heuer, MaryAnn L. Miller and Roy White.

The September book reviews also lean heavily on books of poetry. New books by poets MaryAnn L. Miller, Nancy Viva Davis Halifax, John C. Mannone and Curtis Robbins are given a look. There is also a review of Mitch Grabois' novel Two-Headed Dog. Perhaps most significantly for the development of disability literature is Accessing the Future, a collection of disability speculative fiction edited by Kathryn Allan and Djibril Al-Ayad. It is not all poetry in this issue, however. Five pieces of short fiction are also included. One is the continuation of Kristen Harmon's story "What Lay Ahead." Paul Hostovsky has two pieces and there is a story each from Lisa McKenzie and past Wordgathering editor Stuart Sanderson. Kate Grisim contributes an essay on issues of transgressive language in a disabilities context and Michael Northen adds a lengthy essay on the legacy of the Inglis House Poetry Contest.

Adding breadth to the above are the journal's interviews, art, and music sections. Two exciting interviews are presented. The first is with Sean Mahoney who discusses his role in organizing the Disability Literature Constortium (see below). The second is with well-known poet and memoirist Kenny Fries, who is now living and writing in Germany. In the art section, poet Laurie Clements Lambeth discusses her foray into graphic memoir as a complementary expression to her poetry. The music section features original songs by Amy Ostreicher written during her post-coma hospital stay.

As hinted above, one new development in disabilities literature is the formation of the Dis Lit Consortium. The group was formed by the editors of Kaleidoscope, Breath and Shadow, Pentimento and Wordgathering. After reading the interview with Sean Mahoney to get a better understanding of the consortium, authors who wish to participate can contact the editors of any of these journals.

Wordgathering continues to maintain a presence on Facebook to provide readers with information about upcoming events such as the DISLABELED Philly Film Festival and Amaryllis Theater Productions as well as new publications by Wordgathering contributors. We invite you to follow us on Twitter at @wordgathering.com.

Wordgathering continues to seek work that develops the field of disability literature. We invite the submission of poetry, short fiction, drama, art and essays that discuss poetry from a disability perspective or that contribute to the theoretical development of the field of disability literature. The journal appreciates hearing from authors whose books are consistant with the mission of Wordgathering and would like them reviewed. We value our readers' opinions and hope you will send your comments, concerns or ideas to us at comments@wordgathering.com.

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