A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 12     Issue 3     September 2018

Poetry in this Issue

While Wordgathering typically lists the poets included in each issue without comment, the poetry of two contributors below come from longer works that merit special mention. Liz Whiteacre's poems have their genesis in a project at Ball State University in which students using wheelchairs were interviewed about their college expectations and experiences. In the poems published here, Whiteacre presents the experiences of a student with cerebral palsy. Monica Rentfrow's three poems, published here posthumously, come from her manuscript Rethinking Repair, through the efforts of her former English professor William Palmer.

In addition to the poems listed here other poems can be found in the prose section. Saloua Ben Zahra translates two poems by Monsef Ghachem from the Arabic, John Lee Clark's "Charles Joseph Kickham's Poetics of Patriotism" contains six poems, and Desmond Kenny's essay on Christie Brown includes samples of Brown's poetry. As in previous issues, each of the poems above is accompanied by an audio version. Most of the poems are read by the poets themselves, but a few have been recorded for Wordgathering by readers Melissa Cotter, Sean Mahoney, and Rick Weijo.

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