A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 2     Issue 3     September 2008

Book Reviews in this Issue

One of the most exciting services that Wordgathering is able to perform is the chance to review new books in the field of disability poetry. This includes both recently published books and manuscripts for books under consideration for publication. The latter is especially exciting because it gives you, the reader, a chance to recommend potential books to publishers, or if you are a publisher to check these out for yourselves. In this issue, we offer this journal's largest number of book reviews so far.

Two of these, Ellen LaFleche's Estella With One Lung and Basanta Kar's The Unfold Pinnacle , are manuscripts still in the process of finding publishers. LaFleche's work is probably familiar to readers of Wordgathering. Her book includes the first place winning of this Inglis House Poetry Contest. Kar's book is the result of his work as the director of Care India with women in remote Indian villages. Because of the unusual nature of this book, a short interview with Kar is included as part of the review.

The remaining three books are exciting new works all published since spring 2008. Rebecca Foust's Dark Card centers around her experiences as the mother of a child with Asperger's. Laurie Clements Lambeth's Veil and Burn uses poetry and prose fragments to trace the transformation of her own body as the result of acquired disability. Finally, Cripple Poetics presents the love story through poems, emails and marginalia of two well-known members of the disabilities studies community, Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus.

Writers interested in having their books reviewed in Wordgathering can contact the editors at comments@wordgathering.com.

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