A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 1     Issue 2     June 2007

Submission Guidelines

At the present time Wordgathering is accepting only poetry. Because our aim is to give voice to the emerging genre of disability literature we seek work related disability or by writers with disabilities.

  1. Writers with disabilities can submit poems on any topic. For topics unrelated to disability, Wordgathering will ask you to confirm that you have a disability upon acceptance.
  2. Non-disabled writers must submit work that relates in some way to disability.
  3. Submit up to 4 poems.
  4. We prefer poems under 60 lines.
  5. We would appreciate receiving the poems in at least 16 point font.
  6. Any style of poetry may be submitted.
  7. Previously unpublished work is given preference. If a work has been previously published, please let us know where.
  8. Work should be submitted to submissions@wordgathering.com
  9. Write submission in the subject line of the e-mail.
  10. Please send poems as attachments. On the attachment include your name, conventional mail address and e-mail address.

Acceptance of work will generally come within a month. As with most online journals, work submitted can not be returned. Unfortunately, due to its non-profit nature, Wordgathering cannot provide compensation for work that is accepted for publication.

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