A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 9     Issue 4     December 2015

Poetry in this Issue

This issue of Wordgathering presents the work of two new poets, DJ Savarese and Karyn Lie-Nielsen. It also includes four returning poets: Kathryn Jacobs, Emily Michael, Angeline Schellenberg, and Nancy Scott.

In addition to the above poets, the Wordgathering staff thought it might be interesting to readers to see a small sample of the work of the poetry editors who select the work for this journal.

As with all issues this year, audio recordings are provided for the above poems. In most cases the poems are read by the poets themselves but some are read by Wordgathering staff readers Jill Khoury, Sean Mahoney and Melissa Cotter. Additional poetry by all of the above writers except for our newest additions can be found by checking the Author Index. For more poetry-related work check Liv Mammone's "Advice for an Able-Bodied Poet Entering a Disability Poetics Workshop "in the Excerpts section, the review of Karyn Lie-Nielsen's Handbuzz and Other Voices in Book Reviews, and Andrea Nicki's "Psychological Disability Poetry" in the Essays section.

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