A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature
Volume 10     Issue 4     December 2016

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Wordgathering is fortunate to have two guest interviewers for the December issue. Robert Masterson interviews poet Morris Eidelberg about the short, blunt writing style he has developed. Millicent Borges Accardi interviews two poets, Andrea Scarpino and Veronica Noechel about their writing. Scarpino's focus is on writing and chronic pain while Noechel talks about writing and mental illness.

During its ten years of publication, Wordgathering has had the privilege of interview many interesting people associated with disability writing and disability studies on a wide range of topic. Here are a sample of the variety of interviews from past issues.

  • Literary Journals: Kaleidoscope editor Gail Willmott talks about the country's oldest disability literary journal.
  • Fiction writing: Poet and novelist Jillian Weise discusses the writing of her satiric novel The Colony .
  • Disability Publishing: Raymond Luczak explains Handtype press and publication for Deaf authors.
  • Radio Shows: Peter and Nancy Torpey spread the word about their radio program for blind visually impaired people.
  • Poetry: Pioneer poet and disability activist Laura Hershey in her last interview.
  • Mental Health: Rachel Kallem Whitman is interviewed about blogging and bi-polar disorder.

Wordgathering is always looking for new interviewers. If you know of someone involved in disability literature and that you would like to interview for Wordgathering, please contact the editors at comments@wordgathering.com.

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