A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 11     Issue 4     December 2017

Interviews in this Issue

The Interviews section for this December issue of Wordgathering brings a two-fold treat. The first is a conversation between ASL translators and poets Paul Hostovsky and Karyn Lie-Nielson around the recent publication of Hostovsky' interpretation of Ian Sanburne ASL poem "Caterpillar" in Poetry magazine. The two poets discuss a wide range of issues around the translation of ASL poetry.

The second is a cluster of interviews aimed at bringing attention to publishers whose presses have proven their interest in publishing the poetry of writers with disabilities. These include Leah Maines, long-time editor of Finishing Line Press, in an update to her 2010 interview with Wordgathering; Jane Commane, publisher of the UK's Nine Arches Press, whose recent anthology of D/deaf and Disabled poets Stairs and Whispers is breaking new ground, and Chris Martin, poet and editor of Unlimited Editions, which specializes in the publication of poetry by autistic writers.

To sample some of the books that these editors produce, readers can look at the reviews of DJ Savarese's A Doorknob for the Eye published by Unlimited Editions and Border Songs by Ona Gritz and Daniel Simpson, published by Finishing Line Press, in this issue's "Book Reviews" section.

Many other interviews can be found by searching the interviews section in our "Author Index" and then locating them in our "Past Issues." Readers who know of people writing or working in the field of disabilities that they would like to interview can contact us with their ideas to comments@wordgathering.com.


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