A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 11     Issue 4     December 2017

Book Reviews and Excerpts in this Issue

The book reviews in this issue are a bit of a throwback to the early days of Wordgathering. All but one of the books reviewed is poetry. That one exception is a unique one. The Day Tajon Got Shot is the collaborative effort of nine teenage girls from Beacon House written under the tutelage of veteran writers and published by Shout Mouse Press. Wordgathering has recruited a teenage reviewer for this book.

Reviews interested in new poetry books of poetry will find a wide number of choices. The work of Barbara Crooker, Marie Kane, Ona Gritz and Daniel Simpson will all be familiar to long time Wordgathering readers, although this is the first time that Gritz and Simpson have teamed up to write a book. Avery M. Guess, Shane Neilson and Christine Stewart-Nuñez are accomplished poets whose most recent book is making its first appearance in this journal. DJ Savarese, whose poems have been previously published here, now gives readers a longer look at the important work he is doing in his first published book.

In addition to the reviews in this issue Wordgathering offers excerpts from two books in progress, both memoirs. As the title suggestions, Ann Chiapetta’s book deals with her experiences with her service dog, and others. Elaine Paliatsas-Haughey’s "The Race" is a chapter from a longer narrative; it involves the rocky relationship of a mother and her daughter.

Thank You To Our Reviewers!

As always, Wordgathering is grateful the readers who offer their skills as book reviewers in this issue: Amelia Cotter, Erin M. Kelly, Lynda McKinney Lambert, Emily K. Michael and Andrea Nicki. Now at the end of its eleventh year, the journal editors want to acknowledge the assistance of the great many writers who have volunteer their time, energy and insights as book reviewers over its history. The list is a veritable who's who of disability literary writers and we want to recognize each one: Kathryn Allan, Linda Benninghoff, Sheila Black, Linda Cronin, Barbara Crooker, T. K. Dalton, Jim Ferris, Rebecca Foust, Ona Gritz, Ana Garza G'z, Therese Halscheid, Anne Kaier, Marie Kane, Erin M. Kelly, Jill Khoury, Ellen LaFleche, Travis Chi Wing Lau, Raymond Luczak, Maura Madden, Loretta McCormick, Kobus Moolman, Clare Mullaney, Ed Northen, Maya Northen, David Peter, Adam Pottle, J. L. Powers, Kristen Ringman, Daniel Simpson, Amanda Tink, Michael Uniacke, Avra Wing, Kristen Witucki, Kathi Wolfe and Saloua Ali Ben Zahra. Thank you!

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