A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 2     Issue 1     March 2008

Essays in this Issue

This issue of Wordgathering presents essays on two aspects of disability poetry. Michael Northen's "A Brief History of Disability Poetry" looks back over the twentieth century at the emergence of disability poetry as a distinct literary genre and tracing its development up to the present day, concentrating on some of the key figures who shaped the field. While this essay does include a references for the works sited, the editors felt that readers might list of works by some of these important poets that is a bit easier to use. As a result we have included a "Recommended Readings".

The second essay deals with a subgenre that is emerging within disabilities literature, a juncture where disabilities poetry and gay/lesbian poetry overlap. Kathi Wolfe's "Finding My Muse: On Being a Crip, Queer Poetry" gives a personal perspective to this new writing.


Readers also have access to all essays that have appeared during the first year of Wordgathering merely by clicking the past issues.

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