A Journal of Disability Poetry

Volume 2     Issue 1     March 2008

Interviews and Excerpts in this Issue

Because of the popularity of the Wordgathering interviews, this issue includes two. The first interview is with playwright and poet Trish Ayers. The interview focuses on her most frequently performed play LUMPs, a play exploring the issue of breast cancer, its effects, and its prevention. An excerpt from LUMPs gives readers a chance to get a fuller sense of her work. Any one interested in acquiring the entire play for possible performances can contact the author through Wordgathering email.

The second writer is with Noria Jablonski, one of the few published writers of disability fiction. Jablonski discusses her cutting-edge collection of short stories, Human Oddities. A brief excerpt from "Pam Calls Her Mother on Five-Cent Sundays", one of the stories in the collection, gives a taste of Jablonski's writing style and subject matter.

Interviews with Petra Kuppers, Kobus Moolman, Tracy Koretsky are available in past issues.

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