A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 11     Issue 2     June 2017

Poetry in this Issue

As in previous issues, each of the poems above is accompanied by an audio for the above poems. Unless otherwise indicated the poems are read by the poets themselves. Others are read by Wordgathering staff readers Sean Mahoney and Melissa Cotter.

In addition to the list above, much more poetry is to be found in this issue of Wordgathering. In the Essay section check out "Still Present Tense: The Poets of Beauty is a Verb" which includes work by Jennifer Bartlett, Sheila Black, John Lee Clark, Kara Dorris, Jim Ferris, Ona Gritz, Anne Kaier, Petra Kuppers, Stephen Kuusisto, Denise Leto, Raymond Luczak, Daniel Simpson, Hal Sirowitz, Ellen McGrath Smith, Jillian Weise, and Kathi Wolfe. In the Reading Loop, editor Michael Northen's "Ten More Poems to Kickstart Your Disabiity Lit Class," as the title promises, gives you work by ten more poets.

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