A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 12     Issue 2     June 2018

Essays in this Issue

It is always a special occasion for disability literature when today's writers are able to look back and uncover the work of disabled writers of the past whose work has been ignored of buried. John Lee Clark has been working to bring back into consideration the work of Deaf/Blind writers and, in this is of Wordgathering, he takes a look at the poetry of Alfred Castner King. In two essays that compliment each other, Esilena Barnett describes raising a son with autism while Rachel Kallem Whitman keeps up the tradition of challenging media portrayals of disability by castegating recent depictions of the birth of a child with disabilities as a family tragedy. In a very different vein, three personal pieces demonstrate the beauty language can bring to the essay form. Caitlyn Prince's mixed genre essay describes living with chronic fatigue syndrome. Shadh Alshammari's lyric piece tries to reconcile her life as a disabled person with her Muslim faith. Finally, Bill Abbott's restrospective describes growning up with a disabled brother.

Wordgathering invites the submissions of fiction and literary essays that contribute to the field of disability literature. Check the submission guidelines for specifics. Queries can be addressed to comments@wordgathering.com.


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