A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 12     Issue 2     June 2018

Interviews in this Issue

Continuing its tradition of keeping readers informed about some of the people involved in disability literature and the disability literary community, Wordgathering brings three interviews to its June issue. Poet Erin M. Kelly discusses the process that went into the publication of her recent book of poetry, How to Wait. Aaron Zimmerman and Avra Wing describe the work that they have been doing for the past ten years with the NY Writers Coalition to provide writing workshops for writers with disabilities. Suzanne Bair, the founder of Accessible Family Travel, talks about some of the issues she confronts in trying to navigate barriers for disabled travelers.

In addition to the above three interviews, this issues "Gatherer's Blog" is actually an interview with poet Daniel Simpson about his writing and literary life as a blind poet.

Wordgathering is always open to suggestions about people in the field of disability literature that readers may want to interview or see interviewed. Queries can be addressed to comments@wordgathering.com.


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