A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Volume 12     Issue 4     December 2018

Book Reviews in this Issue

covers of four books being reviewed

Once again Wordgathering reviews a diverse selection of new books fromthe field of disabilty literature. Three of these are books of poetry. For Camisha L. Jones and Erin Kelly - both of whose books were published by Finishing Line Press - this is their first volume of poetry. In contrast, Jane Joritz-Nakagama's work is a distillation of over a dozen years of previous poetry book publication. Artist Seeroon Yeretzian combines poetry and art. No longer able to write on her own because ALS Seeroon has been able create her poetry through the use of Dynavox Eye Mass. Activist Alice Wong has turned editor, gathering essays of resistance from disabled people in a community-centered project. The final two books involve autism, but in very different ways. Maxine Rosaler book consists of a series of short stories that add up to the novel presented through the eyes of the mother of son with autism. Dora Raymaker, in a cyperpunk mystery novel of political tension gives us a narrator whose point of view comes from a writer with autism.

In addition to book reviews, Wordgathering is also happy to include short excerpts of new books. A sample is the first chapter of Maya Northen Augelli's story Work in Progress in our September 2018 issue.

As always, Wordgathering is indebted to those who offered their skills as book reviewers. In this issue they are: Maura Madden, MaryAnn Miller and Diane R. Wiener. Writers who would like reive books for this journal or who would like to recommend books to be reviewed should send a query to comments@wordgathering.com.


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